The Donna Bella team is actively engaged in global marketing endeavors, showcasing our cutting-edge tools infused with the latest technology.
Throughout the year, we participate in prestigious cosmetics and beauty exhibitions across the UK and Europe, embodying the epitome of professionalism.
Our primary mission is to introduce the world to Donna Bella, offering everyone the opportunity to partake in professional demonstrations conducted by our seasoned team.
To immerse yourself in this experience, we invite you to visit us:

  • Salon International London
  • Pro Beauty London
  • Hair UK
  • Beauty UK
  • Beauty Düsseldorf
  • Top Hair Düsseldorf
  • Who's Next Paris
  • Beauty Netherlands
  • Cosmo Prof Bologna
  • Estetica Roma
  • Scottish Hair and Beauty
  • Cosmo Beauty Barcelona
  • Kosmtica Frankfurt
  • Kosmtica Berlin
  • Kosmtica Stuttgart
  • Beauty Munich