The Science Behind Donna Bella's Infrared Flat Iron

Donna Bella Hair Styling Tools — Non Damaging
With Donna Bella Hair Styling Tools, there is non-damaging heat applied to the hair, because they have a different type of heating device inside them. They use a new type of technology- Visible Infrared Heat.

What Is Infrared Heat?
- Specifically, infrared heat is the lowest wave of Color that the human eye can see- it’s actually a type of radiation (the opposite of UV).
- It is the most gentle type of heat that warms from the inside out- similar to an infrared sauna.
- The infrared heat works with the ceramic plates to create negative ions that stimulate oils within the hair shaft to rise to the surface of the hair.

What Are Negative Ions?
- When ceramic or tourmaline gets hot, it produces negative ions that cling to dirt particles in the hair and removes them.
- Water from the air enters the hair and becomes trapped by the oil which has been drawn to the hair’s surface. In this way, moisture is locked into the hair during styling, reducing frizz and static.
- You will see steam coming off the hair. Why does this happen? It is the excess moisture that doesn’t get trapped in the hair steaming up. Steam is the result you want to see—it means the tool is working.

Infrared Technology Benefits

Crucial point is that non-damaging heat is applied to the hair. This means over time your hair remains healthy and strong.

  • Long term hair damage is avoided.
  • Uses moisturizing heat rather than direct heat.
  • Tools works amazing on clean hair, reducing need for other expensive products.
  • Reduced time when styling - only go over each section once.
  • Oil rests on the surface of the hair, locking moisture in and creating maximum humidity resistance - even in rain.
  • Unbelievable shine.
  • Style will hold for up to three days, even in the rainy weather or without product with visible infrared.
  • Easy for everyone to use and suitable to any hair type.
  • Suitable for all global textures of hair.
  • Beneficial in combination with keratin or straightening treatments.
  • Recommended for progressed or chemically treated hair.