Hair Styling Comb For Great Tresses - Flat Iron Comb With A Firm Grip

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Product Description:

If you struggle with tangled hair, this V-comb is here to the rescue. With a straightening plate that keeps your hair in place as the wide teeth work their magic, our comb is the perfect tool to prepare your hair for heat styling tools or even a haircut. Its compact, portable design makes this comb an essential for your hair care kit — even on the go!

Product Features:

  • NO MORE KNOTS - The chase comb from Herstyler is just the tool you need to prep hair before styling. The Easy Comb glides through hair leaving it tangle-free so the flat iron can move effortlessly.
  • PROTECTS HANDS - Keep your hands from singeing with the Straightening Comb. The trendy V-shaped Comb helps hold the hair in place when you use a flat iron while keeping your hands away from the hot plates.
  • STYLE LIKE A PRO - The styling comb from Herstyler makes straightening hair a breeze as it allows for better hair control. The alligator comb glides through hair leaving it sleek and smooth.
  • VERSATILE - Not only does the hair straightening aid allow for quick styling, but it also comes handy when you need a quick trim. The spring-loaded tension allows a firm grip for a DIY trim at home.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY - The heat resistant comb is an efficient hair straightener for when your hair needs a quick brush or touch-up. Sleek salon-style tresses at very little cost.

Hair Styling Comb For Great Tresses - Flat Iron Comb With A Firm Grip